Concrete Cellar

Concrete Cellar

Concrete Cellar Audio Services started as the project recording studio of Rob Baron that operated between 1992 and 2010.  Rob ceased operating the project studio in 2010 to concentrate on being a performing musician and producer as well as well as many other endeavours.  Today, the Concrete Cellar web site is a showcase of Rob Baron’s diverse projects and activities.  The recording studio still exists and has been recently updated and used primarily for Rob’s personal projects and  collaborations.

Current Activities include:

And for something completely different … check out Rob’s astronomical observatory and astrophotography collection

Recording projects..

Since first recording music in 1978, Rob has recorded a wide variety of music from hypnosis and relaxation CDs, to opera, classical, classic rock, jazz and heavy metal.   Any good music performed well is worth recording.  I specialize in working with first time recording artists to make the process of getting their ideas “on tape” effortlessly.


Independent Albums

Many song writers and performers prefer to produce their own albums.  Musicians of all levels can express their creativity.

Band Demos

Working bands need clean well-produced demos to get the best gigs.  I have worked with many bands to help them promote themselves.


Personal Demos

Singer/songwriters of all levels sometimes just want to hear the songs they imagine in their heads.  Personal demos can serve as pre-production recordings where arrangements and instrumentation can be worked out

Narration and others

Over the years I have worked on narrative recordings, poetry and  children’s read along books

Featured Work

Detour "Taking the Scenic Route"

Rob had the fortune to play with Detour in east-central Alberta for 9 years.  Detour was a variety cover band reflecting the diverse musical tastes of it’s members.   Here is a small snip from the “Taking the Scenic Route” album recorded in 2013.

Performed and arranged by Detour

Taking the Scenic Route2013

Over the Years!

Trip down memory lane with photos from many of the the musicians I have worked with over the years! 45 years of playing and producing music!

“Music is about having fun, especially if you make music with others. Not everyone will get rich making music but we all can get out there, be creative and have fun!”
Rob Baron
Musician, Producer and Engineer