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The Recording Studio

With over 40 years of recording experience, Rob Baron has helped you realize the full potential of your project. From a small demo with a couple songs to full blown commercial releases, your project will benefit from Rob’s keen ear and attention to detail.

Competition is intense in the independent music industry. For your recordings to compete you must present a high quality, well-mastered product as good as anything out there. No matter the size of your project it will sound great and ready to compete.

If this is your first recording project, Rob can help guide you through budgets, production scheduling, licensing, recording, mastering, graphics and manufacture. Projects are completed on time and on budget.

Services Available Upon Request:

Studio Gear

Choose from a selection of modern and vintage gear, from tape to digital to Antares Auto Tune.  We have a selection of guitar amps and even can spin up a vintage Hammond M3 organ.  Below are some examples…


Neumann, AKG, Shure, Rode
.. or try our custom CCellar U67-style LDC microphones

Tube and Digital Preamps

Clarett+ 8pre
Motu 828 mkII
Behringer UltraGain


Allen and Heath GL2400

Studio Monitors

Bowers and Wilkins 602
Sony SR505

My Process

I have been using Cakewalk since it was only a sequencer over 30 years ago.  Then, moved to Sonar then, Cakewalk by Bandlab.  Although I have used many DAWs over the years, including Digidesign, I return to Cakewalk as a Digital Audio Workstaiton (DAW) for most of my projects.  Cakewalk provides excellent integration between MIDI and Audio. 

If you prefer a live recording, I have the ability to go to your location and record an entire band live then mix back in my editing suite.


Record live drums or
program drum midi samples

Utilize the studio’s house kit by Tama with Sabian cymbals or program drums via the Roland digital kit, or SPD20 “Octapad”. Soft synths include Addictive Drums and others.


Record all other instruments

Use the wide selection of instruments on hand or bring your own.  Utilize solid state or tube mic preamps and a selection of studio microphones.


Editing - master

Add effects, apply plugins (including Autotune if desired) and clean up unwanted sounds.  Compress, tweek and master the final recording. All done in-house.



Export for desired format and check compatibility with publishing site or streaming service.  I can help with licensing.