Concrete Cellar

Astronomy and Astrophotography

Reviving a childhood interest in telescopes, astronomy and space travel, Rob started taking serious astrophotos in 2003 with the purchase of a used Meade 8″ Schmidt Cassegrain telescope.  Originally, manually guiding photos on film, Rob moved through DSLR cameras, and autoguiding to dedicated CMOS cooled monochrome cameras with narrow-band filter capability. 

In 2009, Rob built a roll off roof observatory to house his Celestron C1400 14″ SCT on a Celestron CGE mount on a permanent pier.

Inspired by professional photos in astronomy magazines, he uses a variety of telescopes, lenses and cameras to capture the photos you see here from his observatory and sites across Canada and the USA.

Rob's equipment on the observing field at the Saskatchewan Summer Star Party