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Past Projects
Scrolling Pictures
Independently produced albums:
Detour - "Taking The Scenic Route"
Roadtrip to Bernie's - "Live"
Greg Lingley with Kounty Ridge - "Live"
Christine Pike - "Parlor Songs"
Karen Fawcett - "Honks Her Horns"
Subject to Change - "Back to the Drawing Board"
The Eidsvik Family - "Fiddlers 3"
Henri Ferguson - "Missing the Boat" - Available on
Susan Clark - "Favorites"
Lakeland College Conservatory of Music - "Let's Celebrate"
Ant Music - "Songs for Flute in Three Parts"
Electric Rain - "Night Shadows" with Phil Kuziak and Dahlia Wakefield
Recently remaster and available at
Charles Young - "Precious Memories"
The Trail Riders - "So Long to Wilf Carter"

Band Demos:
Near Zero
Third Wheel
Wild at Heart
The Bounce
Ulmer-Hayes Quintet
The Cool Tones
Prairie Thunder
The Lawrence Brothers

Personal Demos:
Brianne and Kari Bergerud with Mark Perkins
Art Block
Rex Cunningham
Merry Stampe
Tom Mead
Dave Rinas
Amber Bauer
Greg Plant
John-Jacob Karwandy
Joe Baron
Kodi Ferguson
Dale Radies

Glenyce Hughes - Hypnosis CD "Connect with the other side"
Poetry by Kathy Irvine
Lakeland College Promotional Video 2002 and 2006
Specialty Video Productions
Children's read-along book tracks "Dinosaur's Mystery in Time"
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